9/25/17 Software Design


This week I picked Joel on Software. The blog lead me to a 20 minute video on how software is changing the future. The video is of Joel talking on software and technology changing the world. He mentions technology and tools we use everyday and the program behind them. For example Uber is a program someone created to call for rides whenever needed. This is a step up from being in the city and trying to hail for a taxi. There is even code written up for something as simple as an alarm clock, allowing the user to decide when the alarm should go off everyday. More complex algorithm ad program are used online for different sites like social media. Facebook and twitter have special algorithm that manipulate certain viewing of post for people to see. The algorithm will put up certain posts to make the user feel happy or angry depending on what the post was about. An example Joel used was someone asking his friend to go to a party with him. The friend could not saying he was sick or to busy to attend. The first person later went on Facebook only to learn his friend went to the party with his ex girlfriend. The post made the person angry. Twitter uses a similar algorithm as well. Twitter pulls up tweets onto the users’ feeds based on if the tweet will make the user happy or not. One user created a fake news post on twitter on busses arriving that held protesters during the election. The tweet went around the site thanks to the algorithm. The tweet even reached the president elect to which he tweeted it but saying that the bus were carrying his supporters for the election. Algorithms used for news site and social media post pages based on the user’s interest. It does not post pages from everyone’s point of view on a topic just the certain point of view that the user prefers and wants to learn more about. Joel also talks about the site Stack overflow, which he created to help programmers with their programming. There users post question about a piece of code that they are working on and other users can comment and correct the code or give advice where needed.

I liked this blog a lot along with the video. I liked how he talks about various sites that people use everyday and the coding and program behind them. This explains how different sites work and a warning to not fully believe in the story or news that are posted. This gives an insight of how software and programming is changing the future of our world and what to expect from it.

9/18/17 Software Design

Kindness and Code

This  blog is from a site called Code Simplicity. It is about coding on the human side as well as on the technical side. Many people do not realize that software on a computer is developed by humans. They create the code, write it, edit it and modify it as much as possible before having a computer run it. They think a computer can create the program and run it all on its own. Software and programs are made for people by people. If you a developing a program for a customer, the customer can tell you if you are doing the program they want done is right or wrong. They should not attack you and be rude about it for the mistakes, especially if it is one that can be fixed. The blog then gives examples of customers complaining about the program not working properly or the programmer not creating the program the way customer wants it to be. One customer complained the program developer did not know what he/she was doing and believe that the person had no experience in the field at all. Another customer simply complained that the program he wanted was not created properly and did not work the way it should have. The first customer was rude while the second just stated what the problem was. The main point of the blog is to show that there are people behind the coding and programs and that it is not just all done by a computer. The blog also gives people the idea of how much work goes into coding a program with little detail. The blog encourages developers and users to work together and talk to each other about the program. The let the programmer do his job and trust that he knows what he is doing. If a problem arises then the two can work together to fix it.

The reason why I picked this blog was because it talks about software development used in the real world. It shows the people behind the computer and what they can do. This also shows the relationship they have with their customers. And what the general public thinks of developers and programming.  This blog gives me an idea of what do expect when working with computer software and the relationship between the customer and developer. Not everything is done by a computer itself, there are people behind it creating the program and making the computer run.