10/2/17 Coding



This is another video from Joel Spolsky. I found this video through the last blog entry from last week. In this video he talks about the impact of coding in everyday life. He uses a taxi as an example of how coders deal with coding. he mentions if the person tries to make the taxi turn right, instead of the taxi turning right, it might have the trunk pop open or the taxi turn in the opposite direction. The driver will ask what’s wrong and try to figure out the problem. The driver will go online and find another driver had the same problem asked the question then was given the answer.  The driver could use the answer to solve his problem. Before stack overflow, there was a site online where programmers post questions to a coding issue, then would have to pay the company money to see their own answers that they have written up, Stack overflow was created where programmers can write questions to the program they have a problem on and other programmers can answer. Those answers are rated by other programmers who use the site. Those ratings can help a programmer build their reputation as a programmer. This could possible lead to jobs as a programmer in the future. Programmers need every detail of instruction for the program to run properly. Like mentioned before, algorithms are used in software design to run programs on websites. These algorithms allow a site to post certain pictures, articles and other posts, based on what the user is searching for or their feelings towards a certain topic or event.

The video was interesting. Joel uses everyday trends such as Uber and Facebook to explain how coding works in general and how it is used in everyday life now. I picked this video because I really liked the last video, and video was similar to the last one. The last video talked about programming and coding effecting the future of people. This video talked about coding impacting everyday life of today. This gave me a better  idea of how a website work and how a program runs. Again this shows me what expect in the workforce of a programmer. Joel compared the early days of programmers working similar to working at an assembly line. Programmers were hired to create a program write it and run it, and doing it in small cubicles with computers that did not work properly. Now a days programmers work with he company on the spot to make sure the program runs properly and fix and problem as they arise. This gave me a better understanding on how algorithms work on a site and how to use them for when I create a site and run it.


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