10/9/17 Software Design Writing


This week I read on why writing a software design document matters. This blog goes through the steps of what is needed in a design document. The program idea could start with a call or Skype meeting between the programmer and the client, with the client telling the programmer what he wants in the programmer. The programmer is then left to create the program once and outline is created, and meets up with the client one last time when the program is finished to make sure it is what he wants. Chris Fox, the author of the blog entry, goes through each of the steps with a brief summary and a picture or diagram of what each of the steps would look like. The specification of a software design document show that the design goal of the project is going to be. This is created by the developer and the client on what is needed to be done and how the program or in this case application should work. The interface is the framework of the application. This is also the most problematic trying to get it to look perfect to what the client wants. Functionality how the application works and what it is supposed to do. Milestone, what the application is supposed to do once finish. The blog also gives examples of outlines for the document which features all of the steps. The outline should include the goals of the program, the function of the program, the users’ interface, and its milestone.  The author’s example of a UI description that he used was for an app used on an iPhone. The description included a navigation bar that controlled the app and where to go to different locations of the app, and a table of a layout of what will appear on the screen of the phone, including images and texts. Steps may change overtime as the application is being designed and programmed. The author gives us these steps and what to do as an example of a free lancer with one client.

This was another interesting blog. This blog showed another reason why we need a design map or outline for any programming. The diagrams show how the steps for the outline works, whether it is written on paper or typed up on the computer, both show the outline for the program and how it is expected to run for the user. Not only does this design work for programming site, it also works with programming applications. This shows that you need a design outline or diagram before creating any kind of program. This blog gives another method for designing a program. I would probably create an outline of what the program needs to do and how it should run, create a UML diagram for it then try to create the program itself.

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