10/16/17 Software Development


This blog talks about how the concept of  “Art of War” applies in the world of software development. He starts with explaining the history of “Art of War”. The idea dates back to  fifth century B.C., by an Ancient Chinese military strategist named Sun Tzu. The text from the book is divided into 13 chapters, and still used in military schools in the East, and is suggested reading for the west. The concepts of “Art of war” have not only applied in the military at war  but as well as in politics, sports and software development. This blog goes through certain chapters and section of the book, and explains how it is used in software development. The first section comes from Chapter 2. The idea is teamwork. If everyone on the team is working on a program and they have no goal or no deadline for the project, then the people become frustrated and the effort in the project declines. The next part from chapter two is about timing. This one states, the faster you can get a program running and turn it in with out bugs, the quicker you’ll get feedback from the client. Chapter three is based on leadership. With a team of programmers one on a program there needs to be a leader to make sure everything is running smoothly and going the way it should. Chapter six talks about repetition. Using one method for one project might work well, so you’ll try the next project with the same method as the previous one. That might not be such a good idea. Instead, learning how to write in different coding language, and different methods will help you become a better programmer and help the program run better itself. The next sections talk about constantly improving to make things better. In programming, programmers are constantly fixing bus to their programs to keep it running smoothly. The next section again talks about teamwork, how everyone on the team has to work to the team has to work together on the project and not one member alone can do everything by himself. Again with teamwork, talk about making changes to the program with other members, instead of doing them yourself without anyone knowing. The next section talks about motivation, to keep the team going and help make the program get finished faster. The next section states if a piece of code looks bad, but work fine don’t change it or destroy it, just leave it alone and let it be. The last section talks about anti- patterns. Which means do as told and don’t stray to try to change things to make it netter because it might not work out in the long run. The author concludes that though these idea were first used for warfare the idea of teamwork, efficient and time can apply to software development as well.

Again, another good blog. I like the talk about teamwork for programming. Again this shows teamwork and the importance of it when working on a project. Which occurs in any job field with programming.

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