10/30/17 Software Design

Workshop on Software Architecture for Agile Development

This blog was found from this site. Hayim Makabee, the blogger did a workshop software architect for agile development. At the workshop he did a presentation on Adaptable Design Up Front in an agile project. He explained how much adaptability should be done on a project. The topic was explained with different software architect with different software programs developed over the years. There were also exercises that further explained the definition and the evolution of different design systems. The blogger included pictures and the slideshow from the presentation. I quickly went through the presentation. The first slide after the title slide shows where he worked over the years. Some of the companies he’s worked for includes IBM, Yahoo and many more. Part one of the presentation was on Architecture and agile. In this part he explains the different approaches in the context of agile, the approach of Adaptable Design Up Front, guideline on how to use it in practice and examples of it in the real world. Part two was about manifesto for adaptability. This included lean startup, minimum viable product, manifesto for adaptable software development, SOA principles and micro service practices.

This was a short blog to read. Luckily there was a slideshow to look at. This was again interesting to read. As I went through the slides I noticed he included a design pattern for part one of the presentation. I gave a brief summary of the slideshow and mentions the topics that the blogger talks about. The slideshow goes through it with more detail and explains everything mentioned in the topic. The slideshow also includes many pictures and examples used for the real world. Everything explained in the slideshow had pictures or diagrams making it easy to understand.  The pictures from the workshop show the group working on an activity. The activity ha the audience create a taxi ordering app with design patterns. This activity helped explain the definition and evolution of design of a software. This blog showed me how useful design patterns and software design can be used in the real world. From the picture the group looks like they are learning from the slideshow and enjoyed the worksop overall. I would have found the workshop interesting if was there. His list of job credentials at the beginning of the slideshow sort of gave me an idea of where to  look for a job in the future.

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