10/22/17 Software Development


This blog is on the topic of art of software development. The author believes the software development is like art. He also explains why it matters. Teaching someone about software development with the concepts and technique of programming is similar to teaching someone about art. Both difficult and challenging. The final product depends on the student and mentor. The author compares telling a programer how to write a program to someone telling Van Gough how paint his masterpieces. Both end with negative results. Similar the final product of an artwork depends on the student and mentor’s insight.  The author briefly gives us the definition from engineering and art both which come from Wikipedia. Engineering is “the application of scientific, economic, social and practical knowledge in order o build, invent, maintain, research, and improve structure, machines, devices systems, material and process.” Art is “a diverse range of human activities and the products of those actives usually involving imagination or technical skill.” He then states software development comes from the imagination and technology of humans. Software developers can choose the founding blocks for their programs to make it run. The author concludes that yes software development is in a way a form of art and engineering. Like artists, developers need the freedom  to choose how to code and write the program. They can write a program for a client within a certain parameter, but still need the freedom to do it how they want to. Give the programmer too much of a restriction on the program and they won’t have enough freedom or space to create the program and make it run properly. The author does not fully explain on why it matter, he gives his opinion on what he thinks then leaves the question open ended for reader to decide for themselves.

Again, I liked this blog. I agree with the author of software development being a mix of both art and engineering. You need a creative mind to create a program but you also the technical skills to know how to run the program. Again this gives me an idea of how developers work and what they can do.  I have always seen programming as a type of art. My parents have told me I’m artistic with technology and learning how to write programs. I have always been able to figure out how technology works, and figure out how to fix them if theres is a problem.