11/6/17 Software Development

Manifesto for Adaptable Software Development

This post is from the same blogger as last week’s. This post is about the manifesto of software development. The blogger gives a list of activities in to columns. The left columns are activities that faces challenges on the right column in software development. The blogger briefly goes over what they mean and gives an example of each. Experimentation instead of Specification: Instead of writing software program with specifications, write a software program with room to experiment and make changes along the way as needed.Example: Build a minimum viable product which allowed the programmer to delay decisions until the last responsible moment. Sound engineers build flexible software platforms to support cost effective experiments. ¬†Evolution instead of Implementation: Instead of writing the system for implementations write it where there is room for it to evolve over time. Example: Domain modeling allows users to capture the essential aspects of an application while enabling future specializations. Adaption instead of modification: Write code that can easily be changed over time when needed, instead writing code with the modified changes and no room to make future adjustments. Example: Frameworks with several alternative components that may be chosen at a time needed. Extension instead of growth: Instead of writing a system for allowing the code grow overtime, create extensions making easy access to change the code when needed. Example: Plug-ins allow the user to add new features to an existing application without increasing its size or complexity.

This was an interesting blog. This blog how software development changes over time and how to keep up with the new changes. I like the example the blogger gives for each item on the list. They gave me an idea on how to adjust code when needed. This also give me a better idea of what plug in are. I’ve seen the word in the past on my computer when I try to run a game or a video on the internet. Shortly after that I am notified to update the flash on my computer and then usually the gam or video starts working again. Sometimes it does’t but that’s when the computer is old and outdated. Framework is something I already knew from this class and several other previous classes I took. This blog gave me a better idea on how frameworks can help make adjustments to coding over time, by being able to add and move parts at different times when needed.